April 6-10: Daisy State Park

Our campsite on a peninsula

Daisy State Park has been delightful! We arrived late Tuesday evening, and since then we have had two rainy days and one sunny day. The first rainy day was drizzly and did not stop the kids from tromping around by the lake. Thursday was sunny, and Creed and I spent a good portion of the day at Wegner Crystal Mine searching for quartz treasures (see separate post) while the rest of the family got to hang out with Richard’s mom, who joined us here at Daisy State Park. On Thursday evening we all got to watch the newly released season two premier of The Chosen (We are all BIG fans of The Chosen!). Today (Friday), I enjoyed painting in my sketch book, but we soon were driven indoors due to thunderstorms (not too bad). We are still figuring out organization for the camper. It’s difficult to determine the best place for certain items until you have lived in the camper a day or so, so we are still juggling a bit. I look forward to having that part settled!! Command Strips have been my best friends as I have hung various paintings, printables, and other decorative (lightweight!) items around the camper. I’ll try to create a post on this after I get the organization under greater control. ;o)

The lake right beside our campsite
Poor Annalise discovered some mean ants shortly after arrival.
There are beautiful dogwoods in this area. We have enjoyed drawing them in our journals!
Journaling about their experiences and nature discoveries so far
Strange insect exoskeleton that Creed discovered.
Putting stickers on our travel map

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