June 18-23 Napa

Napa was one of the stops that I knew for sure that I wanted to prioritize. Richard and I had shot a wedding of friends there in 2006 and it was such a gorgeous area. I was pregnant at the time, so I wasn’t able to partake of the wine country much. We arranged for a place to stay way ahead of time and had hoped to tour some of the beautiful vineyards. Unfortunately, they were still requiring masking, even outdoors, which we did not want to do. So, instead, we toured the Jelly Belly factory and enjoyed a family-friendly wine tasting there. The kids savored their sparkling grape juice and we enjoyed the wine and desserts. The factory tour was a lot of fun as well! Creed had presented a report on Ronald Reagan for our co-op on the day we left for our trip back in April, so it was fun to hear the history of Reagan’s love for jelly beans and how Jelly Belly kept him well supplied so he could offer the sugary treat during tense meetings in the White House.

We got to go to a small family winery. We took the kids with us, and they got their own table, so it was like a mini-date (Dates were in short supply with no babysitters around!) It was lovely! There was another family there with their baby and Creed made a quick friend.

Sunflowers in the distance…
…and close up! They reminded me of Spain!
We topped off the day with ice cream…it was a lovely day!

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