May 8-10: Cleveland, OH

For our stay in Ohio, we parked at another friend of Richard’s. Konrad is another boarding school buddy of his. As we travel, we sometimes have to have supplies mailed to us, so we had some things waiting for us when we arrived. One surprise was a care package from my friend, Jennifer. The shirts say “I’m sorry for what I said when I was trying to park the camper.” LOL!

Unfortunately, Konrad had to travel suddenly for work, so he and Richard didn’t get to catch up…God had another surprise in store for our family…Sunday was rainy and cold and we got to visit Parkside Church, where Alistair Begg is pastor. It was a wonderful message and we enjoyed seeing baby dedication!

As we pulled into the parking lot, Richard dropped us at the door so he could find a parking spot since it was raining pretty hard. After church as we waited for him to pull around to pick us up, we began to notice that the rain was falling…too slowly. It was a mix of rain and snow! We went out to eat for lunch and by the time we arrived at the restaurant there was full-on snow! Needless to say, the kids (and their mom) were thrilled!

2 thoughts on “May 8-10: Cleveland, OH

  1. Oh, you got to see Alstair Begg! I just finished a book that he co-authored. I would love to visit his church.

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