Where Have You Been??

Just a quick note to say that we intended to publish blog posts in a more frequent, timely manner, but have been incredibly busy! We had several stretches where we only spent one night per location, plus some…ahem…”adventures” that weren’t of such a fun variety. More on that later, but […]

April 14: Ark Encounter

Rain and other delays caused us to have to overnight behind a Cracker Barrel (A lot of them allow campers to do this; you just call ahead to make sure it is okay). Richard had planned to take the whole day off because we had tickets to see Ark Encounter […]

April 13-14: Aunt Jill

Our next stop was to see “Aunt Jill.” Richard’s parents were missionaries in Colombia. There weren’t a lot of educational opportunities where they served, so Richard went to boarding school in Venezuela starting at age six. The kids there lived in dorms and the couples that took care of them […]

April 11-13: Hilltop Acres

We spent two nights near Clarkson, KY boondocking at T & R’s place. We parked in a grassy area near their house. We enjoyed talking with T and playing with their cute German Shepherd, Reina. R was super-helpful with some camper questions we had and even went out of his […]

April 10-11: Schafer Acres

For our next night, we did our first stay via “Boondockers Welcome,” in Kentucky. We boondocked in their driveway which was surrounded by beautiful farmland. It was a quick stay, but we enjoyed visiting with B & C on their porch. I loved getting to know them a little bit […]

April 6-10: Daisy State Park

Daisy State Park has been delightful! We arrived late Tuesday evening, and since then we have had two rainy days and one sunny day. The first rainy day was drizzly and did not stop the kids from tromping around by the lake. Thursday was sunny, and Creed and I spent […]

On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!!!

Twenty-four hours before we left home, my prevailing thought was, “WHAT WERE WE THINKING???” Richard had many things to work on on the camper and a review coming up for work. I was trying to get us packed, finish up our co-op (which I teach for) and Creed had a […]