April 13-14: Aunt Jill

Our next stop was to see “Aunt Jill.” Richard’s parents were missionaries in Colombia. There weren’t a lot of educational opportunities where they served, so Richard went to boarding school in Venezuela starting at age six. The kids there lived in dorms and the couples that took care of them were their “dorm parents.” “Aunt Jill” was one of Richard’s dorm moms growing up, and he hadn’t seen her in many years, so this was a long-awaited reunion.

We stayed in Aunt Jill’s driveway (The Behemoth took up the whole length of it, and we had to park Bessie (aka, the Yukon) in a neighbor’s driveway!) The neighborhood had beautifully manicured, verdant lawns!

While Richard worked, Aunt Jill accompanied the rest of us to see a neat silo at the Parklands of Floyds Fork. Climbing a spiral staircase to the top, the kids and I were rewarded with a magnificent view! Afterwards, the kids visited the playground while Aunt Jill and I chatted.

After Richard finished work, Aunt Jill treated us to Mexican Food (Yum!) and back at her house we feasted on ice cream while Richard perused her photos of himself and others friends from their boarding school days.

One thought on “April 13-14: Aunt Jill

  1. Great stories and pictures . I didn’t hate that photo but I’m glad I didn’t have to take it. I’d be hugging the closest back wall. I don’t even like to watch House Hunters on HGTV when the people walk out out on a 25th floor balcony. When I see it I push further into the back of the couch. Mountain tops don’t do it to me except the one in Arkansas where they’re out on that rock.

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