April 11-13: Hilltop Acres

We spent two nights near Clarkson, KY boondocking at T & R’s place. We parked in a grassy area near their house. We enjoyed talking with T and playing with their cute German Shepherd, Reina. R was super-helpful with some camper questions we had and even went out of his way to help us find a dump station on the way to our next destination (We are discovering that dump stations are hard to come by in some areas!)

While at Hilltop Acres, we enjoyed a hike up the road where we saw deer, frogs, and lots of trees. The sunset was stunning! T & R had a very small pond in their backyard which was teeming with frogs and tadpoles as well as several goldfish. Creed enjoyed setting a net trap to try to capture some frogs. I was able to take photos of frogs, an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, a black swallowtail, phlox (I previously called them “carpet flowers” as I had seen them carpeting many yards along the drive through Kentucky. T, who used to manage nurseries, helped me to correctly identify them, and I have enjoyed spotting them throughout our journey and crying out, “Phlox!!”). I also “captured” (through photography) something that looked like a bee but my nature app put it in the category of “clearwings and bee hawkmoths.” We were beguiled by the beauty of this place! Thank you, T & R for the wonderful conversations and hospitality!

T & R put a swing out for the kiddos!

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