May 26-28 Jackson Hole, Grand Teton NP

After Mount Rushmore we were back on the road to travel to Wyoming. Here is a glimpse of our beautiful drive along the way… Grand Teton NP is very close to Yellowstone, and we couldn’t spend a significant amount of time at both, so we just breezed through Grand Teton. […]

May 16-20 Stuart & Esther (Missouri)

We were excited to get to visit one of Richard’s long-time friends in Missouri. Richard went to boarding school with Stuart, and he is involved in a ministry called International House of Prayer; members of this ministry have been continuously worshiping and praying to God 24/7 since September 19, 1999! […]

May 14-15: Rochester, MN/Walnut Grove, MN

We spent one BW night on a sweet couple’s property in Minnesota. They gifted us some farm fresh eggs in this cute carton…isn’t it adorable?? The next morning we made our way toward Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Quiz show time!!!! What is significant about Walnut Grove? Here’s your hint: I’m sure […]