May 26-28 Jackson Hole, Grand Teton NP

After Mount Rushmore we were back on the road to travel to Wyoming. Here is a glimpse of our beautiful drive along the way…

This was a little spooky–a funnel cloud we could see as we traveled. It never touched down.
A stop along the way while Richard worked.

Grand Teton NP is very close to Yellowstone, and we couldn’t spend a significant amount of time at both, so we just breezed through Grand Teton. It was super fun to see so much snow!

We stayed at an RV park in Jackson Hole. I drove into town by myself to pick up groceries and saw a crowd and a lot of cars pulled over. I decided to pull over to investigate. So glad I did! It was a momma moose and her baby!

Can you see the baby moose in the foreground?

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