May 29-31: Yellowstone National Park…on Memorial Day Weekend…oops.

Now we get to what would become the highlight of our trip. We all have our individual favorite parts, but I believe that we are unanimous in our love and utter awe of Yellowstone. It was definitely on our bucket list, but I always thought of it simply as “the place with Old Faithful.” It is so. much. more. than Old Faithful. It felt like another world, with all the geothermal features. It is God’s handiwork on full display. Better than words, or even photos, can ever describe. Go. You won’t regret it!

We got to Yellowstone in the morning and encountered this. Hello, Memorial Day Weekend! In all the busy-ness, it didn’t even occur to us that it was a holiday weekend. It worked out fine. We did get more savvy later and go early in the morning to beat the crowds. The way out was always crowded though, sometimes due to “bear jams” or “bison jams.” (Delays due to a bear being spotted beside the road or bison blocking the road)
Bison fording the river with a steaming hot spring in the foreground

I never tire of seeing these beautiful blue “pools!” Probably the most well-known of these is Grand Prismatic Spring. We went there as well, but the vapor coming off the water obscured most of the view. So when I get to that part, just imagine these beauties on a much larger scale with deep, rich oranges and yellows surrounding it.

The blue wasn’t completely visible but still awe-inspiring!
Evie enjoying the views
Richard in his happy place: with a camera
Beware of the bubbling cauldron!
A marmot on the rock
Some leftover snow
Blonde babies
We hiked to see Grand Prismatic Spring from above.
While in Yellowstone, we stayed in dispersed camping about 15 minutes from the western entrance of the park.
Of course, no Yellowstone post is complete without Old Faithful!

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