June 6-11 Forks, WA & Olympic NP

I was a big fan of the Twilight books when they came out–don’t judge me ;o) So, Forks, WA was on my bucket list.

I wanted to go to the Twilight Museum, but Forks is a tiny town, and the museum was also tiny. They limited how many could go in at a time (due to Covid restrictions), so I just had Richard drop me off and I spent about 15 minutes in the museum while they grabbed a snack.

I can’t even remember the name of this trail, but it was beautiful.

Our whole family got to hike in the Hoh Rainforest. We were very glad that it actually rained while we hiked (Hiking in a rainforest without rain would have been quite anticlimactic!) While Seattle, known for its rainy climate, gets about 36 inches of rain per year, the Hoh Rainforest gets up to 14 feet per year! It is a temperate rainforest located on the Olympic Peninsula. At the visitor center, the park ranger told us to watch for banana slugs. Banana slugs are the second largest species of land slug and are the color of…a banana! (Surprise!) It was entertaining hunting for them; we spotted several.

After Forks and the rainforest, we headed to Olympic National Park. Since there were few to no Boondockers Welcome spots available as we headed west, I would often look up dispersed rv camping spots as we started driving or, more often, in the days leading up to the travel day. I had found a spot near Olympic NP, but Richard was hesitant to use it because it was rainy and reviews said it got muddy. We didn’t want to get the rig stuck in the mud!

On the way to that spot we were driving by campgrounds right on the beach. We assumed they were already booked but Richard wanted to investigate. In doing so, he found out that the sites were all first come, first served, and they could accommodate our big rig. This ended up being one of our favorite camping spots. After we got set up, we started to notice sprays popping up now and then in the ocean. It was whales! Locals told us that it was late for them to still be in the area, so we felt very blessed that God allowed us to see them. They spouted in the area all day long. By the next morning they had moved on.

The kids’ playground for several days
Another whale!

We got to see good friends while we were here…Ben, Ashley, and their girls happened to have their vacation in Olympic this year so we were very happy to be with friends from home for a while.

One random thing that I really, really wanted to see on our trip was a tide pool. Olympic was supposed to have some great ones so we started studying tide charts from the visitor center. Low tide was at about 5:15 on one of the mornings so Creed and I got up at about 4:00 to get ready and on the road in plenty of time to see some tide pool creatures. Ruby Beach was about 20 minutes away from our campsite.

We had to navigate some rocks to get to the area with the tide pools. Creed started counting starfish and stopped counting at 200. It was amazing!

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