June 1-4 Glacier NP

Glacier National Park in Montana was a bit of a conundrum for me. We had been chasing spring for the duration of the trip (basically, each place we went to was at the peak of spring and then we would move north or west to a new place that was just starting to experience spring…it was lovely!). Due to the name, we expected Glacier to provide us with more mild weather, but it ended up being in the 90s; the hottest weather on the trip so far! Despite this, the Road-to-the-Sun Road was still closed (I think it opened the day after we left), so there was a very large portion of the park which we couldn’t get to, and this was a disappointment. However, we did enjoy the part of the road that we were able to travel, and we took some other excursions outside the park.

One of these excursions was to Polebridge, a tiny town known primarily for its Polebridge Mercantile. We grabbed a snack there and got directions to Bowman Lake. We didn’t expect it to take as long to get there as it did, and it was on all dirt roads (We left the camper behind, thank goodness). Bowman Lake was well worth the drive though!

We were very curious about the cause of this variation in water color. Different water temperatures? Glacier-fed? Still a mystery.
This was the first of several bald eagles that we spotted on the trip.

Along the way we began to see smoke…

We then pulled over to watch the helicopter go back and forth collecting water from the lake and then dumping it onto the fire!

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