Finding a Camper

My first thought was to rent an RV for our road school trip. However, it quickly became evident that the cost to do so would be prohibitive. So I decided to look into used campers. I thought a bus style RV might be our best option knowing that our budget […]

The School Part

A big question I get when we talk about this trip is: what will the kids do for school?? So obviously we thought this was a must-write post for the blog…First of all, I believe that the experiences themselves are rich with educational opportunities which cannot be obtained in any […]

The overall plan

Where are you going???  This is probably the number one question we have gotten as we shared news of our crazy adventure.  So here is a general idea of what we are planning, although we will have to remain flexible for a lot of it.  First of all, where we […]

Why are we Road Schooling?

Ever since I started working from home in 2010, I have dreamed of the possibility of taking that work on the road.  Jennifer started homeschooling the kids when Evie was four years old, and we haven’t looked back.  This choice left the opportunity of taking schooling on the road as […]