The overall plan

Where are you going???  This is probably the number one question we have gotten as we shared news of our crazy adventure.  So here is a general idea of what we are planning, although we will have to remain flexible for a lot of it.  First of all, where we will stay:  While campsites tend to be a lot more economical than hotels, campsite after campsite over the course of 3 months can really add up!  With that in mind, we intend to take advantage of a wonderful thing called “Boondockers Welcome.”

Think of it as the AirBnB of the RV/Camper world.  You pay a yearly membership fee and can then search for a destination and see profiles of various hosts that are offering a driveway, a parking lot, an edge of a field or farm, etc. for you to park your rig for the night (or several nights).  Many offer electric and/or water hookup for a nominal fee.  This will be so helpful budget-wise, but one thing I am really excited about is the opportunity to meet new people in various parts of the country!  One potential disadvantage of boondocking is that you often cannot book it until close to the arrival date.  However, we have decided this is a great opportunity for God to direct our steps and exercise His plan, not ours.  For this reason, we cannot say definitively where we will go, because we can’t plan too far in advance.  As of this writing, we do have almost every night’s stay figured out for April 6 to May 5 and that is VERY exciting!  The photo shows a general itinerary, hopefully at least driving into 42 states!

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