On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!!!

Twenty-four hours before we left home, my prevailing thought was, “WHAT WERE WE THINKING???” Richard had many things to work on on the camper and a review coming up for work. I was trying to get us packed, finish up our co-op (which I teach for) and Creed had a giant paper/presentation due the day we were leaving. Whew!

We have all been burning the candle at both ends preparing for the trip. This little one put herself to bed (in our bed) right in the middle of things we were about to pack!

We could not have done this alone, and sweet friends blessed us with recipes, babysitting, packing help, care packages, journals, printables with our theme verses, breakfast burritos (Thank you, Sursee Gal!! I had to give your awesome blog a shout out!), cookie dough for on-the-go, traveling playlists, a hand painted rooster that I’m going to treasure forever (I love chickens!!), and a delightful send-off party from our precious homeschool co-op friends. And in my current brain fog, I am sure I left things out. We are blessed with such fantastic friends!!

Our last day of co-op was Tuesday. We were aiming to leave shortly after co-op ended. Creed (a.k.a., Ronald Reagan) did an awesome job on his speech! We enjoyed parting hugs and home we went.

Hello, Mr. President!

Richard’s last meeting ended, we finished up last minute tasks, and it was time to depart for our great adventure! We were pleased with how un-painful the traffic was, and Richard liked how the Yukon was handling the behemoth behind it. We stopped to grab sandwiches out of our fridge at dinner and had a hiccup when one of us forgot to put the entry steps back up. Vroom, vroom, vroom…BOOM! Those steps hit a curb. Oops. Richard was able to get them back up (but still out of whack) and on we went. Poor Behemoth! We arrived at Daisy State Park at about ten o’clock. Zzzzzzzzzzz!!

He did a great job! (But this mama can see in his eyes how exhausted he was!)
Look at this awesome chicken!!!!

5 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!!!

  1. A lovely write up! And that chicken is amazing!! So excited for all of you to have this adventure together. XOxo

  2. Is that from Tally? Beautiful bird! So excited for you guys, and love getting to follow along on your adventures!

  3. I delightfully thinking can say I was the final send off! Glad your first day was a success.

  4. Jennifer , your dad gave me your blog and I am Justine beginning your journey, I have some catching up to do ! So glad you are doing this, an adventure your family will remember forever:)
    May this walk with God be full of His best blessings 🙂

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