Essex/Boston/Concord, MA-Part 3: The Freedom Trail in Boston

I bet we spent over an hour at the Granary Burying Ground. It was fascinating. We didn’t find all of these, but here are some of the amazing people buried here: Samuel Adams-signer of the Declaration of Independence, statesman; Crispus Attucks-African-American victim of the Boston Massacre; John Endecott-first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony…died in 1665…his grave would have been the oldest here, but it was destroyed; Peter Faneuil-benefactor of Faneuil Hall; Benjamin Franklin’s family, Mary Goose-claimed by some to be the original Mother Goose; John Hancock-famous for his giant signature on the Declaration of Independence; Paul Revere-silversmith, patriot of the Revolutionary War; Samuel Sewall-Salem witch trials judge; John Wakefield-oldest gravestone (1667). It was not uncommon to see macabre engravings of winged skulls on the headstones. Creepy.

Burial place of Benjamin Franklin’s relatives (Ben Franklin himself is buried in Philadelphia)
Oldest headstone
Note the winged skull at the top of this gravestone
King’s Chapel: I can’t be silent on this one: rather than celebrating the creation at church, let’s celebrate the Creator!! Ok, I’ll be quiet now. ;o)
Boston Latin School Site/Benjamin Franklin Statue: the oldest public school in America…some famous alumni include: Samuel Adams, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Bulfinch (architect of the U.S. Capitol), Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Hancock, Cotton Mather, Wade McCree, Jr., Robert Treat Paine, Vivian Rich

There were several spots that we missed on the Freedom Trail due to the rainy, cold conditions that day. We missed the Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church, Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, the Bunker Hill Monument, and the USS Constitution (that one was an “ouch!”). Despite this, I was pleased with how many spots we did hit and what troupers the kids were (It was pretty cold!). We did manage to take cover in Modern Pastry for hot chocolate and to grab some of their famous cannolis. The cannolis were perfect: not too sweet! and the hot cocoa was some of the best I’ve ever had (maybe because we were so cold, but I don’t think so).

Hamming up the misery
Ahhhh, cocoa!!
Site of the Boston Massacre
Old State House
And to Annalise’s delight: a unicorn!!

2 thoughts on “Essex/Boston/Concord, MA-Part 3: The Freedom Trail in Boston

  1. Annalise especially looks miserable when taking cover though Creed looks happy as ever. I love BOston and the Freedom Trail. It is such a fun city.

  2. Oh, poor Annalise, she does look miserable! But I bet that did make that hot chocolate so the better! 😉

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures; I’d love to see that graveyard!

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