April 18-19: Harry’s Place (Virginia)

Our next overnight was with Richard’s buddy Harry (a.k.a. “Rod”) in Virginia. They both attended the same boarding school in South America and had been roommates off and on from the age of 6 all the way through college! As the wife of a missionary kid, I have learned that the folks Richard went to boarding school with really are like family.

We stayed in a field beside their house. Due to the radiator issues we didn’t arrive until after midnight (Poor Harry waited up for us!). Because the radiator we needed wasn’t in stock in the town where we originally broke down (Richard and Danny didn’t realize it was the wrong one until they got back), Richard used epoxy on our old one, let it set for twice the required amount of time, then put the radiator back in the car and filled up the coolant. We knew this would be a stopgap, but hoped it would get us all the way to our next destination. We got within 0.7 miles of Harry’s house when the engine began to overheat. Richard refilled the coolant again and we were able to make it to Harry’s, albeit a bit stressed and extremely exhausted. It had been a very long day!

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Harry and his family. Afterward the kids and I happily explored the farm while Harry and Richard went into town in pursuit of the correct radiator.

Of course, being such a chicken fan, I delighted in seeing the chicken coop. The kids tried to coax a calf over for a pet. Since we are schooling as we go, their cats provided a great lesson on the food chain as we watched one cat hunt down a vole. He really enjoyed toying with the poor thing. In fact, he seemed to be more into the teasing than the eating as he eventually lost interest and allowed his friend to finish off the vole. And I really do mean “finish off.” There was nothing left after she was finished with him. It was both sad and fascinating. I got it on video but I will spare you. ;o) Afterward, Annalise asked me to draw a food chain diagram for her.

Richard had to work but I was grateful that he got to spend time with Harry while replacing the radiator, and I loved getting to know Harry’s wife and family!

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  1. Oh I love all the pictures! And Caleb just told me y’all are in snow now??!

    You guys better come back to Texas! I could see that land being hard to leave. 😉

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