April 15-16: Buffalo Mountain (Virginia)

For this Boondockers Welcome spot, we were near Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve (As a side note, I’m so behind in blogging that when I checked Maps to make sure I had the exact name of the preserve correct, I realized that we are now over 15 hours away from this spot!) Our wonderful hosts, R & H, have 9 kiddos, so our kids were thrilled to have some new friends to play with!

There was a spot by the pond, but we pulled into the driveway instead so that Richard would have better connectivity for work. This would prove helpful in another way later on (#Foreshadowing).

R also homeschools so we had some great conversations. She was very hospitable, serving us meals and accompanying us on a hike around the property, where we saw several neat plants. The pond was full of salamanders and newts!

One of our evenings there we got to try a new game: The Journeys of Paul, based on the missionary journeys of…Paul, of course! It was fun!

Unfortunately, our first morning there we realized that we had a nail in the sidewall of one of our tires. Adding further complications, the lug nuts had been screwed on so tightly that without the help of the hosts’ impact wrench we would not have been able to change the tire! A blessing from the Lord! And this was all more convenient since we were already parked near the garage.

R gave Creed grains and instructions for making homemade kefir. I have teasingly called it his “pet” since he has to tend to it every few days, but we have all enjoyed it!

Such a fun spot!!

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