May 16-20 Stuart & Esther (Missouri)

We were excited to get to visit one of Richard’s long-time friends in Missouri. Richard went to boarding school with Stuart, and he is involved in a ministry called International House of Prayer; members of this ministry have been continuously worshiping and praying to God 24/7 since September 19, 1999! […]

May 14-15: Rochester, MN/Walnut Grove, MN

We spent one BW night on a sweet couple’s property in Minnesota. They gifted us some farm fresh eggs in this cute carton…isn’t it adorable?? The next morning we made our way toward Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Quiz show time!!!! What is significant about Walnut Grove? Here’s your hint: I’m sure […]

May 12: Chicago, IL

Upon arrival at Indiana Dunes NP we soon realized that there was a train only a short drive away that we could take into Chicago. One thing about our kids is: anything to do with transportation is considered super-fun, so a train ride to Chicago was a no-brainer. So, on […]

May 9-11: Canal Fulton, OH/Amish Country

I have always been fascinated by the Amish and had hoped to go to Lancaster in Pennsylvania, which has a large Amish population. However, we just could not make that jaunt fit our schedule considering other priorities. The geography wouldn’t cooperate. There is a smaller population of Amish in Ohio, […]

May 7: Erie Canal

Since our co-op covered U.S. history and geography last year, there were certain destinations that we hoped to get to so the kids could observe with their own eyes the actual point of interest that they had so diligently located on a map last year. Some examples include: Washington, D.C., […]